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Email and document classification and mobile security

Cleartext Systems represents the janusSEAL and janusGATE Mobile products from janusNET, the leaders in practical data protection. janusSEAL provides comprehensive classification and protection of files created in Microsoft environments, from Office documents, to PDF's and other files types, and, of course, emails in Outlook and Outlook Web Access. JanusGATE provides robust mobile data security. We can help you select and implement the optimum system for your requirements.

Peace of mind with janusSEAL email and document protective marking

The classification process is extremely easy for document users. They simply select the appropriate level of classification from a dropdown list. This adds a security classification label, also known as a protective marking, to the document or piece of information that identifies its confidentiality requirements.

For information about protect marking solutions for the UK Government go to our landing page.

UK Public Services Network Connectivity Mandates

  • Compliance with CoCo 4.1  
  • CoCo 4.1 requires protective marking  
  • We specialise in protective marking solutions  
  • Our solutions are quick and easy to deploy  

Robust mobile data security with janusGATE Mobile

janusGATE Mobile is an award-winning mobile data security solution. Now you can get the productivity benefits and flexible working arrangements offered by mobile devices without risking the loss of sensitive material. In the private sector, janusGATE Mobile proved to be the ideal solution for mobile email management for users of the UK Criminal Justice Secure Email service. Read the case study here (PDF).

GDPR Compliance and Its Impact on Security and Data Protection Programs


Osterman Research concluded this research project in January 2017 into the impact of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) its impact on information security and data protection programs. Data classification is an important privacy enhancing technology as it helps organisations prevent against data breaches and demonstrate compliance. janusNET was a sponsor of this research which included an analysis of end user organisations and their preparedness for the implementation of GDPR. The white paper also highlights the key factors that risk managers, and IT security teams, should be considering to comply with the GDPR.


Protecting personal data has been an important issue in the European Union (EU) for more than 20 years, and the recently ratified General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes data protection to an entirely new level. In addition to a new set of legal requirements that necessitate both organisational and technological responses, the GDPR is applicable to almost every organisation around the world that collects or processes data on residents domiciled within the EU, including permanent residents, visitors and expatriates. Compliance is thus predicated on the geographical location of the individuals about whom an organisation holds personal data, not the domicile of registration for the organisation.

Download the Osterman Research White Paper here

For more information about janusSEAL visit the janusNET web site.

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